We deliver curated, speculative fiction, for authors by authors!


*Lights Out Ink Press is CLOSED to Submissions until September, 2021. But keep checking back with us, as the number of titles we are seeking for 2022 may be subject to change. 


We are looking for novel-length stories between 50,000 and 150,000 words. We offer our authors two tiers of remuneration at either a 70/30 or 50/50 split in royalties, which is based upon overall story readiness and author development.


Publication readiness is determined on a case by case basis. 

We specifically look for stories with complex female characters who are central to the plot but absolutely ADORE strong voices from the LGBTQ community and their allies! All creeds and nationalities are also enthusiastically encouraged to submit! We want to read and promote material that is fearlessly feminist, inclusive, and original. 

*Most Speculative Fiction is welcome for Submission, though we are quite partial to Epics, Adult Fantasy, and Sci/Fi. Send us something new and exciting! 


*NO YA, MG, OR EROTIC FICTION PLEASE. We know, we know. Everyone loves YA right now. It's a monstrously popular genre, and the market is absolutely saturated with YA titles, each year. AT LOI, we aim to reinvigorate and redefine Women's Fiction (#femlit) and to do so, we believe Adult Fiction is the appropriate vehicle for that goal. 


*Previously Self-Published fiction is currently ENCOURAGED! Though, if you submit your previously Self-Published work, you must be prepared to remove your work from all other portals. 


General Submission Guidleines:


  1. Authors must Submit a PROFESSIONAL product, i.e. an edited, and properly formatted Manuscript (1” margins and 12-point Font in legible text, single-spaced, with aligned paragraphs). In addition to your Manuscript, authors must also have a website or blog, and an active Social Media Presence (author pages created and active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram)

  2. Authors must submit ORIGINAL content, only. No Fanfiction (or fan-derived stories), please. 

  3. Authors must be prepared to share and promote Lights Out Ink as a Platform; including the promotion of other authors on said Platform. To wit, we are a small publishing house with a very dedicated team of Founding Authors who are in competition with the industry at large… never each other. We all succeed together. 

  4. Authors must be prepared to work with the Marketing Department and MAINTAIN LOI’s Marketing Standards. All art and shareable content must be linked to and approved by our Marketing team, for branding purposes. 

  5. It is to be understood that any art, graphics, or other content created for your Story by Lights Out Ink, is the express property of LOI Press, to be shared by authors at our sole discretion. 


Let us know if you have any questions, we'll be happy to tell you more about us!