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We're a small Indie Press looking for Booksellers and Indie Shops to support our brand! We consider ourselves a 'boutique curator of published fiction' and are eager to team up with booksellers who share a passion for non-corporatized, quality fiction. Let's grow together!


At Lights Out Ink, we strongly believe in community. Ours is a small, tight niche carved from the highly monetized publishing industry. We are looking to branch out into stores, but aim to start where we ourselves shop for books— Boutique and Independent Booksellers. 

Yeah, every author wants to see their books on the shelf at Barnes and Noble... but we're a little different. We want to support our local and small-town shops and businesses FIRST. We love Amazon and B&N and are happy to have our books available online on each site, but when it comes to shelf space, we'd rather make meaningful connections with readers like us. 

The way we see it, we're a small business. We want to partner with other small businesses with similar goals. 

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Unit Pricing

Our books are available in paperback or hardcover from our distributor at a 30-35% retailer discount. This is a great option if you require drop-shipping or distributor access. Our rates and averages are fixed with this option.

If you are looking to purchase a small number of books at a more significant discount, you may order books directly from Lights Out Ink. The discounts here are 40-45%, depending on the size of you order. With each package, we supply shelf talkers and book plates. If additional marketing materials are required, we can negotiate costs. 

If you select the latter option, we encourage small orders from our various tiers (below). While we require that books at this level be prepaid to accommodate our grassroots budget, we do provide FREE SHIPPING for every order you make through us directly. Not too bad, when you think about it. Nearly half off retail price, and free shipping. We aim to make it easy for everyone. 

*Return Shipping is unavailable at this time. 



 We offer two tiers for significant discounts. 


  • 40% retail discount for 10 Books 

  • 45% retail discount for 20 Books

If you are a small retailer or bookseller in the market for high-quality, original, independently published fiction-- email us today to discuss options! 

*Please note, this offer is only valid for established booksellers and retailers. Lights out Ink does not offer bulk or unit pricing on individual or singular purchases. 

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