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There’s Nothing Like a Good Book

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L.M. Riviere

Old Gods Reign... For Now

On the continent of Innisfail, Old Gods reign. Following five hundred years of vicious conflict, the High King has negotiated an armistice between the immortal Sidhe in the North, and the human populations of the South-the Sons of Mil. In this land of treacherous magic and ageless blood feuds, the peace is precarious at best.

An outcast with few loyalties, Ben Maeden has no interest in the political strife brewing in the South. Convinced a man without pride has nothing left to lose, he’s content to fade into drunken obscurity in the wilderness. That is, until a rare moment of conscience compels him to rescue a young noblewoman from a band of mercenaries. This auspicious encounter hurls him into the heart of a far-reaching conspiracy, for Una Moura is no ordinary girl. Branded a heretic and scourged by her own people, she harbors a secret that could spell disaster for everyone.

Hunted by militant nobles, dark creatures, and ambitious zealots; Ben and Una find themselves in a desperate race to prevent a war. Though, not every enemy lurks in the shadows. Haunted by the ghosts of a former life; Ben will discover his greatest challenge lies within. Can he reconcile his past to safeguard Innisfail’s future, or is he doomed to repeat his mistakes…to the detriment of all?


Sydney Gibson

Nothing is as it Seems

For Detective Lieutenant Emma Tiernan, murder in Chicago is her business and solving them is her passion. As a new unique homicide, dubbed the Latin Murder falls in her case load, she’s also saddled with training a new partner, Sasha Garnier. As the mutilated bodies stack up, Emma realizes she has a serial killer on her hands. One who loves playing games and leaving clues only Emma would understand. 

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K.M. West

The Apocalypse is a Bitch

Ander Farrow failed to fulfill his prophecy & the world ended. Now he uses his psychic powers for parlor tricks while he & his brother, Lash, kill monstrous creatures for pay. Liv might be his chance for redemption, if they—or the Creats that hunt them—don't accidentally kill her first.

A tiny lie convinces Liv to let the Farrows join her hunt for the Priestess—a woman rumored to possess real power. They journey through a war-torn shadow of the American South, exposed to the elements, a kaleidoscope of cultures, magic, monsters, and the macabre. The Farrows question all they were raised to believe while Liv must reconcile the horrors encountered with the discovery that there may be more to the Farrows’ madness—and to her—than she realized. But can the Priestess save them from what really lies in the dark?

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