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We Are All Heroines

Great stories seep into the soul. They can crack a battle-hardened exterior and deliver messages that would otherwise go unheard. They can be shelter or escape for those that need solace… and can provide inspiration for those seeking courage. We are all heroines.


At Lights Out Ink, we believe in being your own heroine, and we produce books that promote this ethos. We believe strong female characters and their allies deserve better representation. We are redefining women’s fiction.

LaNae Riviere founded this small publishing house on January 1, 2021 to bridge a gap, not only between self and traditional publishing, but between diverse stories and an audience who needs to hear them. Our current focus is on bringing underrepresented female-driven narratives to traditionally male-dominated genres (Science Fiction, Fantasy, Action, Adventure, etc.), because we believe stories build empathy in a unique and lasting way. 


Lights Out Ink is woman-founded, owned and operated, but also by authors, for authors.


Our leadership team is synergistic; a creative collective. We wish to barter expertise, support, and strengths in business, graphics, editing and marketing within a community that wants to redefine women’s fiction. We are inclusive (males welcome, of course) to allies of women.


We are seeking to share diverse voices from all walks of life, and unique stories with strong, complex female characters who are central to the plot, for an adult audience. As an independent publisher with two competitive remuneration options, Lights Out Ink is a bridge between the stigma of self-publishing, and the overhead and complete lack of creative control of traditional publishing. Our books are curated, professionally edited and of high quality. Most importantly, they tell important stories. 

Our Vision

Growing up in the nineties, most of us were exposed to a host of complex art that vastly influenced our writing and personal styles. 


Our influences included J.R.R. Tolkien, Stephen King, Juliet Marillier, Quentin Tarantino, Neil Gaiman, Mercedes Lackey, and Joss Whedon. Among these, there were few females. This is a reflection of the time and perhaps the genre, but our team grew up wanting to hear more from the female voice, to follow leaders that looked like us, to have role models that we could emulate, but not just as a female version of the male hero. In fiction, whether on the page or on a screen, one thing we noticed was that women were gaining strength as characters in their own right, but in largely typecast roles. A ‘tough’ character would be crammed into a leather bustier, while the overdressed ‘good girl’ would affect a sweetly smiling simper. Even in the better films, books, and TV shows, these women were more often than not accessories to male-dominated plots. 


From the women-authored series we read, the characters — like Anne Shirley, or Elizabeth Bennet, or even Jo March —  had big dreams. They had voices and spirit, but they never had the kind of adventure that they deserved to have. They were products of their time, but we needed more. What happened to Pippi Longstocking when she grew up?


We resolved that none of our female characters would ever be relegated to sidekick.

Our Mission is simple: strong characters deserve their own stories. 


  • We curate creative fiction that features multi-dimensional female characters in typically male-dominated genres. 


  • We know that a woman is every bit as complex and capable of driving an intricate plot as a male character. 


  • Our first aim is to provide a vehicle for underrepresented authors to propel these narratives forward.  


  • We want to use more environmentally-friendly means of publishing our catalogue, and hopefully help establish a trend among Indie Houses.


Lights Out Ink is on a journey, and we welcome you to join us on this adventure.