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I loved every page of this worthy sequel to The Sons of Mil.

- Lindsey Leitera


The characters are brilliantly written, the world is nothing short of stunning, and the plot is top-notch. The Southernmost Star has definitely joined The Sons of Mil as two of the best books I've read this year!

- The Book Suite

The Southernmost Star

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A tyrant rises in the ashes of mighty Tairngare. Bloodthirsty raiders slaughter unwitting villagers in the Midlands. Norther nobles, stripped of their titles, wealth, and livelihood invite retribution through vendetta. Rebellious Southers, seek to oust the absentee High King through war. Crises of faith and cultural identity ravage the Milesian poor… and behind all, an unseen threat prepares the board…

The Southernmost Star is an absolute triumph

- Cassondra Windwalker

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